We specialize in catering for office lunches, corporate events and social events like birthdays, fundraisers and house warming parties.

Our event catering team provides different choices to meet all your needs.


Catering Tray Menu (main dishes include rice, hummus, pita bread, Greek salad and sauces)

Main Dishes

Beef and Lamb Gyro Tray    $12.95 per person

Chicken Shawarma Tray    $12.95 per person

Falafel Tray (Option 1)      $12.95 per person

Single Trays ($ 24.95 each)

            Falafel Tray (Option 2):(30 pieces falafel  served over lettuce with tahini sauce)

                                    Hummus Tray : Comes with 5  pita breads 

                                   Babaganush : Roasted egg-plant blended with tahini and 5  pita breads 

Dolma Tray: (30 pieces) served over romaine lettuce with tzatziki sauce.


Catering Sandwich Menu

Beef&Lamb Gyro Sandwich – $8.45 each

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich – $8.45 each

Falafel Sandwich – $8.45 each


Dessert Menu 

1/4 tray Baklava (18 pieces) – $29.95

1/2 tray Baklava (36 pieces) – $59.95

1 tray  Baklava  (72 pieces) – $109.95

Delivery fee is $10.00

Serving utensils are included at no charge.

We have minimum 10 people requirement for catering orders.



You can contact us at for your catering inquiries or simply fill the form below:

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